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How to use Retevis Bluetooth Speaker Microphone HWN001?

by XiaoCherry 28 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Retevis Bluetooth Speaker Microphone HWN001 can easy to work with Bluetooth walkie talkies, like Retevis RB37 license-free radio, Retevis RB689 High power walkie talkie and Retevis Ailunce HD2 Bluetooth ham radio.

If you don't know more about this Bluetooth speaker Microphone, this blog will help you to know more and help you know how to use it.

Buttons you should know before using:

Volume/Power Knob: At the top of this speaker mic. you may turn on or turn off it. And when you turn on, swtich this knob will adjust the volume+ or -.

Indicator: A light. When you press the Side key PTT, it shows red and when it receives, shows green.

When connected the Bluetooth device, it will blue or red.

Type-C charging port: Retevis Bluetooth speaker mic HWN001 can be charged and supports the USB-C charge cable.

Connect New Devices

If you want to connect with other New Bluetooth walkie talkies, please turn off this HWN001 Bluetooth Speaker Mic.

Then Hold the PTT Key and turn on HWN001 Speaker mic. Then Long press the PTT key for around 5-8 seconds, it will enter into pairing mode.

Delete the Memory Device

Usually when you pair with the bluetooth walkie talkie sucessed, this Bluetooth speaker mic will  connect automatically every time it is turned on.

So if you want to delete this memory device, you may do the below steps:

Turn off this HWN001 Bluetooth speaker microphone, then hold the PTT button and turn on it, Long press the PTT keys for around 10 seconds to delete the memory device.

Then restart, the HWN001 speaker mic automatically enter the pairing mode.

Indicator Tell you something

The indicator  you will tell you more things. Then knowing this, you will know what's the meanings when different color indicator shows.

When you turn on this speaker mic, the indicator will shows Blue.

When the indicator flashes Blue quickly, it means the Bluetooth disconnected.

When Flashes blue every 5 seconds, it means Bluetooth connected.

Flash blue and red alternatively, it means Bluetooth is pairing.

Low Battery: The indicator flashes red every 5s.
Turn off: The indicator flashes red 3 times.
Charging: The indicator is always on red.
Fully charged: The indicator is always on green.

Easy to work with Retevis Walkie Talkies

Retevis RB37

Retevis RB689

Retevis Ailunce HD2

Retevis RT29D

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