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Get One Retevis P1, What Functions can You Edit?

by XiaoCherry 19 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Retevis P1 Superhet AES256 Receiver Walkie Talkie. It's a popular walkie talkie from Retevis this year, and both individuals, businesses and even ham have expressed their love for it.

So do you know what features you can do with the Retevis P1 once you get it? Let’s take a look together!

How to program the Retevis P1 long range radio?

Before we know the functions, we need to know how to program the walkie-talkie. Below are the detailed steps to program the P1;

1. Preparation

One computer; one Retevis P1 handheld radio; one P1 programming cable; programming software for the P1

Prepare the above basic items can be carried out to change the steps!

Note: How to download the P1 programming software?

Method 1:

Go to and click Programming Software Download at the bottom of the page or Click this link ( directly to find the programming software for P1 and download it.

retevis software programming software

Method 2: 

As shown below;

how to download retevis p1 software

2.Detailed Steps

Connect the P1 business walkie-talkie to the computer with the programming cable. Open the radio and the programming software.

Read out the data from the walkie-talkie and edit the functions you want to operate, then you can write them after editing.

What functions can we set on the Retevis P1?

When we open the programming software, we can see the editable functions on the left side. This means that these are the functions that we can edit.

You can tap on the appropriate option to see the functions you can edit

For example, here are the functions for channel edit.

channel edit

You can set the frequencies, transmit and receive power, sub-tones, encryption, and time slot and relay modes.

There is also the encryption feature that many people are concerned about which is also programmed.

As shown in the picture below

set P1 encryption function

We can choose the bits of encryption and set our own password through the programming software.

About the side key function

retevis p1 side key function

If you are purchasing for your workers or lone workers, we can also set up lone worker and alarm function.

P1 lone worker function

energency alarm

These are some simple functions, for more useful functions, go and pick up your retevis P1 long range walkie-talkie and try it

About P1 accessories

Programming cable;


Learn more about the Retevis P1;


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