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Best Walkie Talkie for Schools

by RetevisPartner 29 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Walkie talkies are an essential communication tool for schools, especially for teachers and staff who need to communicate with each other in real-time. With the increase in security concerns and the need for efficient communication, having a reliable walkie talkie system is crucial for any educational institution. In this article, we will discuss the best walkie talkie for schools—Retevis RT22 License Free Small Walkie Talkie.

Retevis RT22 Rechargeable Portable Radio

The Retevis RT22 is a compact and reliable two-way radio in pocket size that may be used in various settings, such as schools, colleges, and universities.

Small and Easy to Carry

This radio is compact and user-friendly because of its ergonomic design. Its dimensions are 4.53 x 2.17 x 1.18 inches, and its low weight of 0.18 pounds makes it simple to hold. Also, the radio has a belt clip that users can use to fasten it to their garments for easy carrying.

Retevis RT22 Portable Small Walkie Talkie

License Free Walkie Talkie

The Retevis RT22 is a “Family Radio Service” (FRS) device that does not require a license to operate. Its radio frequencies, 462-467 MHz, comply with US registration walkie talkie standards. The UHF frequencies to deliver a clear and consistent signal even in locations with much interference. As a result, this two-way radio is so convenient to use in a school environment.

Easy to Use and Multifunctional

All the Retevis RT22 two way radios are available out of the box and communicate directly with each other. Users can also select one of 16 pre-programmed channels and set CTCSS/DCS to prevent radio interference. Another useful function for working in the school is VOX (voice-activated transmission). The VOX function activates the radio to transmit at the sound of the user's voice to enable hands-free operation without having to press the PTT button.

Long Battery Life

A single charge of the durable battery in this two-way radio allows up to 12 hours of continuous use. Also, it offers a low battery alert feature that prompts users to recharge the battery before it expires. The radio’s battery can be refilled from any USB port using a USB cable.

Convenient Six-Way Charger

The Retevis RT22 6Pack set includes a six-way charger, which allows multiple two-way radios to be charged simultaneously. So when a handful of radios need to be powered for a new shift, they can easily be organised and accounted for as they charge together. The 6-way charger is extremely robust and utilises the chargers from each radio, thus making it a very cost-effective solution.

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkie 6Pack with 6-Way Charger


Range: 1-2 Miles

Power Output: 0.5-2 Watts

Frequency Range: 462-467 MHz (FRS)

Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Size: 4*2.1*0.78 inches

Weight: 113g

License Needed: No

Perks of RT22:

  1. Design that is portable and lightweight makes it simple to use
  2. 12 hours or more of continuous use per charge
  3. Sound signal transmission and audio quality
  4. Settings are simple to program and customize
  5. Reliable and robust, with a solid construction

Overall, the Retevis RT22 is a solid two-way radio used in various settings, such as schools, colleges, and universities. It is the perfect option for students, instructors, and other staff members that need to connect quickly and effectively due to its small size, ergonomic design, excellent sound quality, and long battery life.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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