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What is ATIS and How to enable it on Retevis Marine Radio RM40?

by XiaoCherry 06 Feb 2024 0 Comments

Lots of Marine radios have ATIS functions, for example, Retevis RM40, the handheld VHF marine radio, has the ATIS, so what is ATIS, and how to enable it on Retevis Marine Radio RM40?

In this blog, we will talk about ATIS and tell you the steps to enable this function on Retevis RM40 marine radio.

So first What is ATIS?
ATIS is the abbreviation of  Automatic Transmitter Identification System. It is a vessel identification system, used on inland waterways in some European countries.

It will send out a unique data signal on every transmission, which contains the user or ship's unique callsign.

But not all the marine radios have this function. If you need this function, before purchasing, you should confirm this. Retevis RM40 has the ATIS function.

Before shipping on some European country's inland waterways, you should enable the ATIS mode of your VHF marine radio. When you leave this region, only need to switch back to DSC mode, the ATIS function is disabled.

How to enable the ATIS function on Retevis RM40 VHF Marine Radio?

You need to download the software and get the programming cable before you enable it.

So first, install the software and connect your radio to the computer via a programming cable.

1, You need to download the software and get the programming cable before you enable it.

2, Open the software, and find the Model to choose the third one RM40(EUR) (or you may choose 4 or 5 or 8)

choose model on marine radio RM40 to enable the ATIS function

3, Click ATIS-Common will enter into the menu set of ATIS

You may set the ATIS ID code, and make sure the INT CH with ABLE.

set the ATIS function on Retevis RM40

4, When setting up these, click write to radio to save these settings to your radio RM40.

5, Power off the radio, then turn it on again.

Retevis RM40 marine radio's ATIS function is enabled.

 Tip: when you operate the radio in ATIS mode,  the following functions of VHF radio are not available:

use of DSC
channel scanning
dual/tri-watch operations

About Retevis RM40 Marine Radio

RM40 is a heandheld Marine radio, with the GPS and DSC function, IP67 waterproof and floating NOAA weather channel VHF marine radio. Long-standby battery with 1500mah, and with the distress call button, the best marine radio for boats coast gurard. You may click here to know more information.

If you still have questions about ATIS and the steps to enable on Retevis RM40, Please comments below, we will reply you in time.


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