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Retevis P62,Best UV dual-band IP68 waterproof rugged radio for construction use

by XiaoCherry 24 Feb 2024 0 Comments

UV dual-band two way radios are becoming more and more popular in the construction industry due to their unique features and advantages. Let’s discuss the advantages of using UV dual-band intercoms on construction sites.

Advantages of UV dual-band intercoms in the construction environment

Enhance communication range

One of the main advantages of UV dual-band intercoms is their extended communication range. Capable of operating on UHF and VHF frequencies, these devices can cover a wider range of frequency bands, including UHF and VHF bands. This means that users can choose the best frequency band for communication in different environments, improving communication flexibility and reliability.

Adaptability of signal quality to the environment

UV dual-band radios provide superior signal quality in a more diverse environment than traditional single-band devices. The UHF frequency band has strong penetrating power and can communicate inside buildings, while the VHF frequency band has a longer propagation distance and is suitable for communication in open areas. Therefore, U/V dual-band intercoms can meet the communication needs of the construction industry in different scenarios.

Easy to manage and coordinate:

U/V dual-band walkie-talkies support multiple channels working at the same time, enabling multi-party calls and group communications. This makes the management and coordination of construction projects more efficient and convenient, speeding up project progress and improving project quality.

Retevis p62 UV dual band walkie tlakie for Construction Communication

retevis p62 waterproof walkie talkie

When you're on the working site, the Retevis P62 not only delivers clear sound, a durable housing, a high level of waterproofing, and increased power, it also delivers long-lasting battery life to ensure you stay connected all day long.

What makes RETEVIS P62 stand out?

Broad communication range

U/V dual-band design covers a wider frequency band. It can take into account more on-site environments, and communication can be achieved both inside and outside the building. Better improve work efficiency. The 2600mAh battery also guarantees your all-day communication.

Rugged and durable design

Designed specifically for construction sites, this rugged radio offers unprecedented durability and reliability. With its IP68 waterproof and rugged construction, you can trust RETEVIS P62 to maintain stable communications in complex environments. 

Clear sound quality

In the built environment, there are often noisy equipment sounds. Retevis P62 uses receiver noise reduction technology to ensure you have clear and stable call quality.

Better compatibility

Retevis is well compatible with other Retevis related building intercoms. For example, Retevis RT29, Retevis NR630 and Retevis RB48, etc.

Note;To achieve compatibility, it needs to be set through programming software. Make sure you have a programming cable if you need it; C9018A 

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