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Long Range Radios for Schools/Campus

by RetevisPartner 29 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Schools walkie-talkies are an important tool for improving campus safety, emergency communication and collaboration, as well as facilitating communication between students, faculty and campus administrators. Choosing the right Two-Way Radio and Walkie Talkie Systems for School is the key to saving money yet increasing efficiency and handling emergencies.

If your school is small or you only want to cover a 3-5 mile. Ideally you can choose a handheld walkie-talkie with 5W or less. If the terrain and buildings are more complex then you will want to consider a handheld business walkie-talkie that is higher than 5W. In this article, we will introduce you to some long range walkie talkies for schools.

Advantages of using long range commercial walkie talkies for schools

1. Higher power

Higher power has better penetration and coverage. It can meet your needs in terms of communication coverage and building penetration.

2. Sturdy shell material

Stronger ability to withstand falls, do not have to worry about accidental falls and damage. At the same time, longer product life brings economic benefits.

3.Simple design

No screen and no button design. Can be very good to ensure that when dealing with emergencies, fall off the wrong touch caused by channel switching or walkie-talkie damage. At the same time time out-of-the-box simple operation, do not need to spend a long time for training.

4. Large battery capacity

Long distance business walkie-talkies come with larger capacity batteries to meet the needs of daily work and standby. It doesn't require frequent charging and can be centralized for convenient centralized management.

5. Encryption Function

The digital walkie-talkie has digital encryption function. It can guarantee the privacy of your calls.

6.Specific needs

If you have specific needs, long-distance business radios are designed for different environments. Different features are also available to meet your needs.

Retevis Two Way Radios in Education Recommendations

The radios mentioned below have adjustable high power, rugged shell materials and can be operated out of the box.

1. Retevis RT29 UHF Long Range Two Way Radio

The RT29 has 16 channels, a minimalist design, a rugged case material, a 3200mAh battery, IP67 waterproofing and no screen or buttons. You can use it without worrying about dropping it or switching channels by mistake. Side buttons can be defined to meet other engineering needs (e.g., alarms, VOX, etc.).

school radios

2. Retevis RT81 Dual Time Slot DMR Radio

RT81DMR walkie talkie has 32 Channels (2 Zone), 2200mAh battery. Digital and analog modes can be switched. High and low power can be adjusted to meet your coverage area at the same time can be digital encryption function to enhance call privacy. Ideal for security environments where private calls are required.

long distance radio for school

3. Retevis RT29D Waterproof Heavy Duty Walkie Talkie

The Rt29D DMR handheld radio is the digital version of the RT29 with added digital and Bluetooth functionality. The digital to analog switching and 3200mAh battery satisfy those who need to work with their hands free.


4. Retevis P1 Superhet AES256 UHF DMR Handheld Radio

The P1 has super-aberrant reception, 256 channels, 2500mAh battery, recording function and AES256 encryption. Among them, the P1 has a single frequency relay function to meet your needs in the absence of a relay to achieve a longer distance communication, AES256 encryption is compatible with motorcycle encryption, you can better realize the cost savings to achieve economic benefits.

best walkie tlakie for compus


Long-distance radios have high power and stronger penetration. In terms of communication coverage, it can better meet your needs for better coverage of campus area. The ruggedness of the business handheld walkie-talkie can better increase the service life of the product, and the large battery capacity can meet the needs of the working time.

The use of Large School Campus Walkie Talkies not only improves campus management efficiency, but also provides timely and effective communication in emergencies and protects campus security. It is the best choice to provide stable campus communication service and save the cost of campus.

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