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Best Long-Range Walkie Talkies for Construction

by RetevisPartner 08 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Walkie-talkies are the best communication tools for Construction. It will help you to reach others quickly. No matter whether an accident occurs or you need to relay a task, walkie-talkies for construction are the best tools. So how to choose the walkie-talkies? What are the best long-range walkie-talkies for Construction?

Here we will talk about them.

As the communication tool, the range will be important.

A long-range walkie-talkie will help you to send and receive messages within your construction site. For Walkie talkies, if you want to get longer communication, the first feature you need to check is the power.

The radio's power will affect the range of the radio. So when you search Google with long-range radios, you will find the license-free long-range radios and Licensed long-range radios.

And they have big differences. For license-free long-range radios, the range will reach about 2km. But for some high-power long-range radios, it will reach to 8km or even further.

So if you need a long-range radio, for example, more than 4km. Licensed high-power radio will be your only choice.

Another important thing, licensed radios can connect with the repeater. So if you think the range is not enough for you to use, you may build your repeater or search for a repeater nearby to connect.

Battery Life

This will be the second important feature you need to consider. For construction, you will use the walkie-talkies for the whole day. So battery life will be important.

Choosing a high-capacity battery will offer a long standby working time.

Also, you may check if they offer the Multi-Charger to help you charge all your radios at one time.

Rugged and Waterproof

For construction sites, it will meet the water or dirty anytime. So choosing a rugged and waterproof radio will easy to meet all tough environments.

Retevis Long-range Walkie Talkies for Constructions RT29 and RT29D


RT29 and RT29D with the same appearance layout. All come with IP67 waterproof and dustproof features. And the materials of both are all rugged and durable, easy to meet all tough environments.

RT29 comes with analog mode 16 channels two-way radio. RT29D comes with Analog and Digital mode 128 channels.

The batteries of the two models are all high-capacity, 3200mah. Offers you around 14 hours of working time and 46 hours of standby time.

These two models have 6-way chargers, you may charge 6pcs radios at one time.

You may order these two models from here:


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